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SANS appreciates the contributions of both Saudi and Non-Saudi Neurosurgeons who shared in the development of Neurosurgery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and World wide.

A special committee has been formed by the winners of the previous SANS Medal Awards to annually nominate a candidate for the year’s winner of the SANS Medal and SANS International Award Medal.

SANS Medals

This medal is the highest honorable SANS medal and should be awarded annually to one Neurosurgeon who fulfills these criteria:

  1. Worked in Saudi Arabia for at least 20 years.
  2. Has or had direct input and contribution to the development of neurosurgery in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Shared in training programs.
  4. He/she should have genuine research.
  5. He/ she should have represented the Kingdom in regional and international scientific venues.


Dr. Essam Alshail

Prof. Saleh Baeesa

Prof. Abdulrahman Al Anazi

Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany

Dr. Abdulhakim Jamjoom

Prof. Imad Kanaan

Prof. Khalaf Al Mutairi

Prof. Maher Hassounah

Prof. Ahmed Ammar and Prof. Zain Jamjoom

SANS International Award Medals

This medal is an honorable SANS medal and should be awarded annually for one International Neurosurgeon


Prof. Franco Servadei

Prof. Brien Benoit

Dr. James Rutka

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