Sans connect

SANS Connect

“SANS Connect” is created as a professional network channel between SANS members. Responding to the demands, “SANS Connect” aims at connecting individuals looking for a neurosurgery job with centers looking for recruitments.

Rules and regulations:

  • SANS will keep a record of doctors looking for neurosurgery jobs (With their written permission). The record may include their CV if they wish.
  • SANS will charge an Administration fee of 400 SR for 3 months duration for an applicant looking for a job and 200 SR if the applicant has an active SANS membership (for the same 3 months duration).
  • The announcement for jobs will only be to active SANS members (consultants) on their emails.
  • The announcement will not contain any names of requesting doctors.
  • Requesting doctors have to have an active SANS membership to benefit from the service.
  • SANS will only provide the names of the applicants on the list. No financial responsibility on SANS. No recruitment responsibility on SANS. SANS is not responsible for the level of the candidate or his/her qualification or the recruitment process of the requesting centers.
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